Ashes to Diamonds

Are you a Special needs parent at your wits end?
Frustrated and overwhelmed?

Do you have more questions than answers?

Meet Hannes

You are not alone!

The Award-winning Ashes to Diamonds program is specifically designed to help parents with special needs children to move from Surviving to Thriving. This interactive group program:

  • heals hearts,
  • restores relationships,
  • saves lives,
  • and builds communities.

Parents provide the environment for their children to thrive in. By supporting struggling parents, we provide these children the best chance to become the best they can be.

We start with breaking the isolation many special needs parents feel, by building community. And we infuse parents with hope, through sharing success stories. We coach parents on how to make the community part of their journey and to build a winning team.

Then we “slow down, to speed up”.

Parents discover for themselves that giving and serving from an empty cup is toxic to them and the people around them. Giving from an overflowing cup nourishes themselves and the people around them. This paradigm shift in week one, makes all the difference!

We connect parents with the leading medical experts in treating special needs children, focusing on solving the root causes of issues not just treating the symptoms. The medical needs of special needs children are extremely complex and unique, each child needs a holistic and customized approach to care.

Parents feel empowered, rejuvenated and develop a practical plan and support system to see it through.

Did you know?

The divorce rate of special-needs parents are currently in the high 80% just because of the immense pressure these parents have to endure. These parents need to create a great environment where their special-needs children can thrive in… by restoring the relationship we protect the children.

We help special needs families move from surviving to thriving

Is this program is a good fit for you?
Rate yourself with the following quiz:

1) Spiritual domain, on a scale of 0 to 10
Rate you spiritual wellness by asking yourself:
Do you believe in God, how Is your relationship or are you angry/confused/scared?

2) Emotional Domain, on a scale of 0 to 10
Rate your emotional Wellness by asking yourself:
Are you able to manage your emotions or are they managing you?

3) Physical Domain, on a scale of 0 to 10
Rate your physical wellness by asking yourself:
Do you eat well, and exercise and how much time do you have to self express through your talents and skills?

4) Financial Domain, on a scale of 0 to 10
Rate your financial well-being by asking yourself :
Do you have a stable income, financial security, what happens to your special needs child when you are no longer here.?

If you have rated yourself under 5 out of 10 on any of the domains, this Ashes to Diamonds program could be a good fit for you!

It helps you to refocus again on what is really important and help you to reposition yourself physically, spiritually , financially and emotionally so you and your family can Thrive. It brings out the beauty of the hidden diamonds in the dark! I now have the tools to help myself and my family. This is so powerful.

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The work is intense and powerful, but the sessions are light and informal, truly a life saver

Ashes to diamonds is one of those rare little things you didn’t even knew you needed. And when you find it your mind is blown and you don’t even know how you ever lived without it before.


Start Date – March 21, 2022

End date– April __, 2022

Meet – Every Monday evening EST 8pm to 9:30 via Zoom

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Keep confidentiality
Share authentically
Attend all 7 weeks arriving 10 min early
Be presentable with camera on
Treat others with respect
Share “As my view or my opinion”
Participate on WhatsApp support group


WEEK 1 Meet and Greet/ course orientation/ Agreement / Worksheet 1

Week 2 Overview/ Group discussion/ Worksheet 2 (Spiritual)

Week 3 Overview/ Group discussion/ Worksheet 3 (Emotional)

Week 4 Overview/ Group discussion/ Worksheet 4 (Physical)

Week 5 Overview/ Group discussion/ Worksheet 5 (Financial)

Week 6 Overview/ Group discussion/ Worksheet 6 (Putting it all together )

Week 7 Guest Welcome and Info/ Course Overview/ Testimonies, Graduation

As we “slow down- to speed up,“ we go through every domain to discover our strengths and our “ not so strong“ domains.
As we engage and overcome we exponentially build our capacity to deal with things that comes our way in life.

Join us to learn how!

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